So first and foremost,people ask this question all the time to us:

How to get the activation key?

It’s simple,below you can find short instruction

1.Getting the key is really easy,you usually press ‘get key’

2.There appears a window with a check to fill in.If it doesn’t show,you have to close ad blocking programs

3.You choose one of the checks and begin proceed with it

4.Usually you give your phone number,and you get a message with the code to write in,something like google phone verification

5. ATTENTION: If Its a Pin Submit offer, complete offer – AFTER 30 MINUTES SEND “STOP” TO “992992” SO NO MONEY IS CHARGED…

5.You rewrite the code and confirm

6.Then,after you fill correct data you will receive your key and proceed with the automatic download

7.Enjoy Your Downloaded Files!

If you have encoutered some kind of error after completing the check, please contact SUPPORT,we will Contact with you as soon as possible and give you Full Assistance regarding the error,so far since the start of this website we solved every user problem and will try our best to keep this title in the future